Victoria Street Solar Power

Solar power on Victoria Street, San Francisco, CA 94127 (district 7), 1.61 kWp STC DC system installed April, 2009.

graph of Victoria Street solar photovoltaic electricity produced
AC produced January-June AC produced July-December AC produced Year
YearkWhkWh/kWp/monthkWh/kWp/day kWhkWh/kWp/monthkWh/kWp/day kWh/yrkWh/kWp/yrkWh/kWp/monthkWh/kWp/day
2009 1,1691213.95
20101,2591304.32 1,0351073.49 2,2941,4251193.90
20111,2901344.43 1,1151153.76 2,4051,4941244.09
20121,3521404.61 1,0991143.71 2,4511,5221274.16
20131,3781434.73 1,1721213.96 2,5501,5841324.34
average1,3201374.52 1,1181163.77 2,4251,5061264.12
std. dev.555.70.18 575.90.19 106665.50.18
%  std.  dev.4.1% 5.1% 4.4%
January-June vs. July-December kWh/kWp/day  T-test  P=0.001
Victoria St. Sunpower photovoltaic panels installed by Luminalt.
230 Watt panels, tilt 23o, azimuth 196o, shading 2%   Click or doubleclick on the picture to see the full-size original (3000x2000 pixels, 3MB)

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